University Application Tips

So, I know a lot of people are currently (like me) going through the process of applying for graduate programmes, so I thought I’d compile a list of tips that have made the whole ordeal a little easier for me!


  • The first step is preparation. Make sure you’ve done all the boring bits – you’ve got your transcript, you’ve got your degree certificate, you’ve immolated your dignity in the desperate hope that a potential supervisor will read your e-mail – the basics!
  • Make sure to check on alternate sources of funding. Lots of universities have fairly limited funding selections for graduate scholars, so seek outside help. Two kidneys is just lavish, after all!
  • If you’re struggling to fill out your personal statement, just think: what would people say about you? What do they whisper about you when you’re not there? What mutterings echo in the dark corners?
  • Struggling to pick out a programme? The quantity of available options can make things tricky. Try this handy tip – pick the qualification with the most vowels! It makes as much sense as anything else!
  • It’s important to be timely, and keep an eye on those deadlines. So that means leaving yourself time for the fiddly bits – ¬†getting your references together, writing extra material for scholarship funding, staring blankly into the void – it’s all just as important as the initial application!
  • Gin is a food group. It’s got fruit in it.




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Finishing a ‘thing’

This week just passed, I handed in my honours dissertation. At 10,000 words*, ‘Between Person and Property: Unfreedom in Narrative Histories of Merovingian Gaul and Lombard Italy‘ isn’t the longest of projects. But it’s easily the longest thing I’ve ever done, in terms of both length and time commitment.

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